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This One Time At Bard Camp...
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Monday, August 29th, 2016
11:13 am
Would anyone like a playset for Michael Frayn's Copenhagen? (3 copies)
Thought I'd check here first - no cost to you, I will post them.
Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
9:36 am
Game of Thrones Camp 2017
I've just sent out the first wave of invitations to Thronescamp. If you came to Bardcamp in 2015 then you should have received one (or a short note checking that your previous decision that you didn't want to come still holds). If you didn't then let me know, as I may have an out of date email address for you.
Friday, June 24th, 2016
3:14 pm
Casting and Scripts
Here is the casting!

Alice Arden: kerrypolka
Thomas Arden: emperor
Franklin: wildeabandon
Mosby: strongtrousers
Black Will: hoshuteki
Michael: fluffymark
Clarke: the_alchemist
Greene: atreic
Shakebag: bunnypip
Susan: taimatsu
Adam Fowle: ixwin
Bradshaw: the_lady_lily
A Prentice ixwin
Lord Cheyne the_alchemist
A Ferryman taimatsu
Dick Reede: ixwin
A Sailor: atreic
Mayor of Faversham the_alchemist

the_alchemist has kindly agreed to produce scripts. Please fill in the poll to let us know if you want a paper or electronic copy. Paper copies will be supplied on the day unless you want to sort out postal delivery or in-person collection from her directly.

I would like a script in

eBook form
paper form

In the mean time, the following link should give you access to the script in raw text form.

Link to Arden of Faversham script (text file)
Thursday, April 28th, 2016
3:48 pm
Thronescamp: Game of Thrones readthrough 2017
With a bit more time to plan this year, the_alchemist and I will be co-organising a readthrough of Seasons 1 & 2 of Game of Thrones in early 2017. As was intended last year, the initial invite list will be "people who went to Bardcamp in 2015", but if some of those people don't want to come (which several have indicated, although they're welcome to change their mind) then we'll invite some other people. If you're interested in coming please do complete the poll whether or not you were at Bardcamp '15.

There are 20 episodes, which makes quite a busy weekend if we start on Friday, or a rather more leisurely one if we start on Thursday. I had thought that I'd found some better transcripts than were previously available, but it turned out that that was only for the first episode, and that there'll be a moderate amount of work involved in making them useable, so volunteers to help with that would be much appreciated.

Would you like to come?



I'm willing to edit one episode
I'm willing to edit two episodes
I'm willing to edit more than two episodes

Which weekends can you make?

7-8 Jan
14-15 Jan
21-22 Jan
28-29 Jan
4-5 Feb
11-12 Feb
18-19 Feb
25-26 Feb
4-5 Mar
11-12 Mar
18-19 Mar
25-26 Mar

Which weekends do you prefer (tick as many as you like)

7-8 Jan
14-15 Jan
21-22 Jan
28-29 Jan
4-5 Feb
11-12 Feb
18-19 Feb
25-26 Feb
4-5 Mar
11-12 Mar
18-19 Mar
25-26 Mar

What day should we start on?

Strong preference for Thursday
Slight preference for Thursday
No preference
Slight preference for Friday
Strong preference for Friday
Saturday, April 16th, 2016
4:36 pm
Bardcamp 'reunion' 2016
So I was wondering about hosting a Bardcamp readthrough and general meet-up at our house in Harrow probably in late June or early July.

Poll time!

Poll #2042445 Bardcamp reunion 2016 dates
This poll is closed.

Yes, I am interested and could make the following dates

Saturday 18th June
Sunday 19th June
Saturday 25th June
Sunday 26th June
Saturday 2nd July
Sunday 3rd July
Saturday 9th July
Sunday 10th July

Suggestions for readthrough plays welcome.
Sunday, November 8th, 2015
3:13 pm
Slings and Arrows DVDs to give away
Hi Bardcampers, I have a copy of the DVD box set (all seasons) for Slings and Arrows to give away, anyone interested? It is Region 1, so you'd need to have a way of playing that. I thought I'd offer it here first, given the concentration of Shakespeare fans.

(If you don't know Slings and Arrows, it's set behind the scenes of a fictionalised Stratford Shakespeare festival. Each season is a different play: Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear.)

Let me know and I can post it out to you. :)
Monday, August 3rd, 2015
3:35 pm
Photos of Bardcamp 2015?
Hi Bardcampers all!

Sorry for being, y'know, seven months or so late with this question, but did anyone get a good full set of photos from this year's Bardcamp, and where might I access them online?

Thanks all, it was (as ever) a great Bardcamp, late though it may be to say so!
Monday, January 26th, 2015
3:12 pm
Much Ado suggestion
Hi all,

Sorry to add to the posts going up, just a quick one: was wondering if everyone would mind doing Much Ado in modern dress? Particularly addressed to: Robert, Ewan, Kerry, Mark Si, and Kat.
I had an idea I wanted to pursue for Beatrice, costuming-/characterisation-wise. (was thinking well-dressed modern - 'classic' rather than emo!!)

Please shout if you have a yen for wearing your fantastic Tudor dress in that particular play! (Heads-up that I will probably go with modern dress anyway, just wanting to blend in the photos!)
Cheers all, can't wait to see you all.
9:32 am
Woman in the Moon
Roll up, Roll up! Come to the Late Night Play! See the confusing circulation of random objects (ring, bloody napkin, various letters)! Witness the various and sundry assignations in beautiful forest bowers (appearance of actual bowers may differ), Listen as emperor eavesdrops in the cave that we totally have! Marvel as strongtrousers is transformed into a thornbush before your very eyes!

the_alchemist has encouraged me to post about WitM, which is now the Late Night Play, which I’m assured is A Thing (I’m actually really nervous about this because it’s only my second Bardcamp and I suggested this play and so it’s all a bit nerve-wracking)

WitM is a 1595(ish) play by Lyly. strongtrousers and I went to see a production of it at the Rose last year and it was fabulous and we both independently thought it would be an excellent Bardcamp play. It’s extremely silly and will therefore probably make a wonderful Late Night Play. The production we saw was about 90 minutes long.

Here is some info about the characters. strongtrousers informs me that the plot is ripe for ‘what could possibly go wrong?’ etc.

The Shepherds
Stesias, Melos, Iphicles, and Learchus are a group of shepherds who live in ‘Utopia’. They complain to Nature that she has made females for all the animals but has forgotten to make them a woman. So Nature (assisted by Concord and Discord) makes them a woman (Pandora) … but only the one ... between the 4 of them (because that makes total sense). All four shepherds, plus Stesias’ servant Gunophilus, fall in love with Pandora.

The Planets
The ‘planets’, who are also the corresponding gods (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Sol (Apollo), Mercury, Luna (Cynthia) – Lyly drops in names from different pantheons all over the place), are jealous of Pandora because Nature loves her best because plot. When Nature goes off to be busy elsewhere she obviously and totally sensibly (?!) leaves Pandora behind and tells the planets to behave. They decide to take their revenge/ have some fun by taking control of Pandora. Each one takes a turn to ‘ascend’ (would the pulpit work for that? I haven't been to this chapel before) and control the action so that Pandora takes on the characteristic of that particular planet/god (melancholy, disdain, war, kindness, wantonness, lying, madness).

Juno also appears, being her usual jealous self. Ganymede trails around with Jupiter looking pretty. Joculos and Cupid are ‘yoofs’ rather than children.

Several of the planet/gods end up falling in love with Pandora too, pretty much regardless of gender.

NOTES: The script calls for Jupiter (and presumably Ganymede) to be able to make themselves invisible. When we saw it this was indicated with sunglasses but I’m sure there are other ways.

Pandora does a lot of ‘kissing’ in this play (Learchus, Stesias, Gunophilus, and Iphicles are the ones specifically mentioned in the stage directions. Other opportunities do present). I’m happy to interpret ‘kissing’ in various directions, depending on the other person. If you would like to tell me your preferred definition of ‘kissing’ in this instance, please let me know.

Pandora also does some smacking people round the face and hitting them on the hand (Stesias, and Learchus are the ones I spotted in the script) – if you would like to discuss this, that might also be a good plan!

Hurray for Lyly! Hurray for Bardcamp!!
Sunday, January 25th, 2015
10:41 pm
Counting is hard
Look at the casting spreadsheet, subtract one from the number of rows to get the number of actors, right, I need twenty copies of this here Hamlet... wait...

We were about thirty seconds from the toy cat getting his own script.
Thursday, December 18th, 2014
9:45 pm
Cover Art 2
Cover artists for Bardcamp 2015 will be

the_alchemist - The Woman In the Moon
medieval_bunny - Much Ado About Nothing
ixwin - Hamlet

We can re-use the existing cover art for Macbeth; however if anyone does feel inspired and finds they have time to produce something, please comment on this post to claim it.

Please e-mail all cover art to borusa (robert@steelbeach.co.uk) by Saturday 27th December.

Yay bardcamp!
Wednesday, February 19th, 2014
6:30 pm
Hi Bardcampers,
I just need to say somewhere that most relevant people will see it, that I am absolutely maxed on ability to read things, understand instructions, pay attention to changes to things or otherwise actually comprehend any arrangements currently being made around Bardcamp stuff. I have not been able to read any scripts, the cast list or most of the recent posts about script issues, casting etc. I have no idea if there is anything in recent communications that I actually definitively need to know before getting on a train on Friday, but if there is please assume I do not know it.

Sorry about this but I am genuinely running out of cope as I have a lot else going on. If it's not essential please don't expect me to grasp it, and if it is essential (really truly essential) I would be grateful if someone could point me at the thing I'm supposed to read or understand. I am sure by the time I actually reach Belper I will be able to deal with more of this stuff, but it's not going to happen before then.

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
2:25 pm
Transport: landslip between Derby and Sheffield
Hello all,

I've just got an email from East Midlands saying there's been a landslip between Derby and Sheffield (above Chesterfield), and that part of the track is now closed for at least six weeks. Here's more information on it.

It won't affect trains between London and Derby, but trains from The North will be delayed, as they'll be on diversion. ETA: It also won't affect trains between Derby and Belper, as those run on a different track than the Derby-Sheffield trains.

I don't think this will materially affect Bardcamp, but just a heads-up.
Sunday, February 9th, 2014
10:22 pm
milford haven

Sorry, I was wrong. I thought there having been comments in milford_haven would prevent its deletion, so didn't do anything else with it. I was wrong, and am unable to undelete it, as only the owner of the community can do so, which I think was kerrypolka or libellum - whichever of you it is has 30 days to re-activate the community (you should have had an email from LJ telling you how).
Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
4:08 pm
Milford haven...

A long time ago, we set up a community for the Bardcamp ceilidh band, called Milford Haven. milford_haven hasn't really seen much activity, though, and LJ is going to delete it soon (Sunday) unless we poke it. Shall I let it expire? I sort of want to call my ceilidh band Milford Haven in the future when I have one, but...
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