Liz S (ixwin) wrote in bardcamp,
Liz S

Casting and Scripts

Here is the casting!

Alice Arden: kerrypolka
Thomas Arden: emperor
Franklin: wildeabandon
Mosby: strongtrousers
Black Will: hoshuteki
Michael: fluffymark
Clarke: the_alchemist
Greene: atreic
Shakebag: bunnypip
Susan: taimatsu
Adam Fowle: ixwin
Bradshaw: the_lady_lily
A Prentice ixwin
Lord Cheyne the_alchemist
A Ferryman taimatsu
Dick Reede: ixwin
A Sailor: atreic
Mayor of Faversham the_alchemist

the_alchemist has kindly agreed to produce scripts. Please fill in the poll to let us know if you want a paper or electronic copy. Paper copies will be supplied on the day unless you want to sort out postal delivery or in-person collection from her directly.

I would like a script in

eBook form
paper form

In the mean time, the following link should give you access to the script in raw text form.

Link to Arden of Faversham script (text file)
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